“Surely the apple is the noblest of fruits.”
Henry David Thoreau, Wild Apples

Welcome to Chazy Orchards, the family-owned, historic home of the “Largest McIntosh Apple Orchard in the World.”

Originally planted in the 1920’s, Chazy Orchards annually produces nearly 300,000 bushels of the finest apples in the world – including our beautiful, rich, red McIntosh apples, in addition to delicious Honeycrisp and the Cortland, a regional favorite here in the Champlain Valley. Most recently, we’ve added an exciting, new variety known as SweeTango™ – and you simply won’t believe how good it is until you try one.

Growing apples as exceptional as these is the result of an almost magical combination of location, science, timing, skill and expertise (which is the grower’s unique art form). We’re delighted that you have found us and we are happy to share some valuable information with you about our apples – as well as give you the opportunity to order some for your enjoyment and good health!

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