When our original trees were planted, growing apples was more art and skill than science. But, in more recent times, science has played an important role in making the apples we grow as great as they are.

Over the years, we’ve learned that, once picked, the faster the apples get into cold storage (32°F), the longer they stay juicy, firm and delicious. In the 1950’s, working in conjunction with Dr. R. M. Smock of Cornell University, one of our cold storage rooms was converted into what we called a “Controlled Atmosphere” environment. Our tests showed that the ideal combination of temperature and Oxygen content for certain varieties (the McIntosh, for example) is 36°F with an Oxygen content of 3%. Although this environment won’t sustain human life for very long, our McIntosh apples come straight off our trees, go into this environment – and stay fresh-tasting, juicy and delicious for many months, ready to be enjoyed by you, as wonderful as the day they were picked.

Chazy Orchards was a pioneer in developing this “C.A.” storage environment for apples, which has been adopted internationally by other growers. But don’t take our word for how well it extends an apple’s freshness – taste it for yourself!

Interestingly, Chazy Orchards relies on about 800 colonies of bees to pollinate the apple blossoms, because most of our apple varieties are “self sterile.” The bees, in their search for nectar, carry the pollen on their bodies from flower to flower, where it is deposited on the stigma, carried down through the style and into the ovary – which, under favorable conditions, is where the seed of the apple is developed.

Naturally, our bees produce some wonderful honey as part of this natural process – about twenty tons per year, in fact. When you order Chazy Orchards’ apples, be sure to try some…it’s delicious and healthy.

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