Delicious Choices
The hardest part of trying our apples is deciding which apples you want to try. Fortunately, on our ordering page, you can mix and sample our different varieties which so you can choose your own favorite. Here are the varieties we offer:

As home of the world’s largest McIntosh Orchard, we come by our pride for this special apple honestly. It features a rich, red color, firm, semi-dense texture, and tart flavor with a hint of sweetness. Arguably, the world’s best eating apple.

It’s hard to beat an ice-cold Honeycrisp, with its semi-tart flavor and a denseness and texture that’s a bit lighter to the tooth than that of the McIntosh. It’s color includes a bit more yellow/orange than the McIntosh and, although many would argue that the McIntosh is the world’s best, some will take you to the mat, voting for the Honeycrisp.

The Cortland has been a regional favorite in the Northeast for many years. It has medium sweetness and is a bit more dense in its texture than the McIntosh. Its color ranges from deep red with a hint of green to the red and green being more evenly distributed. Many people say the Cortland is the best cooking apple there is.

The SweeTango™ apple may be the most exciting development in the world of apple growers in many years and its availability is limited. Its brilliant orangish-red color attracts you and then when you take a bite, you may not believe how complex and delicious it is. Not quite as tart as a McIntosh; the perfect amount of sweetness.

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